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• 30+ years of sustainable architectural design

• Specializing in a highly personalized design experience

• Complete planning and architectural design service

• Small, remodeling projects to large scale, complex projects

• Sensible, logical solutions to design problems incorporating new technology, keeping the project functional and uncomplicated








What you can expect from us


While not a new concept, sustainability is perhaps more important today than ever before.
For more than 30 years, our sustainable design philosophy has embraced a range of project strategies and specific design codes,
and has resulted in harmonious and green structures.


Intelligent design and local materials come together in structures that exceed expectations, as well as codes.


We believe that good architecture honors its environment.
A sense of place and reflection of environment is key to giving context to a structure or remodel project.


The Ostberg Architects is boutique firm.
You’ll work one-on-one with seasoned architects.
This means you have direct access to the architect. No filtering. No red tape.


The Ostberg Architects was established in 1980 by Linda Ostberg.  We are a small, woman-owned firm located in Saint Paul.  We have provided design services for both small and large projects.  Our size allows us to provide flexibility with our services and personal attention to our projects.  Our firm has completed numerous projects for public clients and private clients.  The majority of projects have been adaptive reuse, remodeling, renovations, and additions.  We enjoy the challenges that these projects provide.  We are thorough in our investigation of existing conditions.   We believe in maintaining the original character of each building as much as possible, but always introduce modern standards, methods and materials.  We understand that the materials need to be durable, for both interior and exterior products, and low maintenance.  But we also remember that these projects are designed for people.  The finished design should encourage and enhance the working or learning experience, welcome visitors, and make everyone enthusiastic about being there.

Environmentally conscious, sustainable design has always been important to our firm.  Linda has been involved with renewable energy projects, energy conservation, material reuse, and other sustainable design elements for many years.  We continue to look for opportunities in all our projects to utilize sustainable design concepts.  In the remodeling of a nonprofit radio studio materials were incorporated into the project that were salvaged from other buildings, lessening the amount of new natural resources required.  At one school a photovoltaic system was used to provide lighting for a remotely located athletic storage building.  This project also required a substantial amount of soil correction.  The removal of the poor soils and importation of acceptable soils is not environmentally friendly and is expensive.  Through the use of a rammed earth pier system, the poor soils could remain in place, conventional spread footings could be employed, and it was less expensive than any other solution.  On a roofing projects, we increase the roof insulation to exceed the minimum required by Building Codes.  This helps building owners reduce their energy costs and reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources.  We continue to look for ways to make our projects more sustainable through use of local materials, natural ventilation, daylighting, siting, orientation, and resource conservation.