St. Paul Home Remodel

This home, built in 1956, was in need of remodeling to accommodate a more casual twenty-first century family lifestyle.  In the first phase the kitchen, originally located at the front of the house, traded places with the master bedroom and bath at the rear which allowed for easy access to the back yard for entertaining.   A library, also located at the rear of the house, traded places with the original dining room.  This connected the dining room with the kitchen and the rear yard and gazebo.  The next phase removed and restructured the roof which created a quiet, cozy, second floor, tree top room.  The new roof line and dormer were designed to blend in with the adjacent homes and to maximize energy efficiency.   Old, inefficient windows are being replaced with new triple glazed windows on a room by room basis.  Even though the square footage of the house has increased, heating and cooling costs have remained the same.  The final phase, yet to be completed, will be landscaping and retaining wall improvements.  This home was featured on the Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour.