Lake City Elementary School and High School

This project included ventilation upgrades to both buildings which necessitated new ceilings, soffits and some wall modifications.

Other work at the Elementary School included new floors and an addition to provide an up to date food service kitchen.

The High School building is comprised of a 1930’s building plus additions in the 1950’s and 1970’s. There had been several other smaller additions and remodelings over the years. One of the goals of this project was to help unify all the different additions so there would be a better visual flow to the spaces.

Therefore, most of the building was remodeled including new floor finishes, new exterior doors, replacing single glazed windows with energy efficient glazing systems, insulated panels were removed and energy efficient glazing installed, and, numerous Building Code issues corrected. The auditorium/theater had poor acoustics, was hot in the summer, and theater lighting was not adequate. The space was gutted and brought up to date; lighting, acoustics, technology, ventilation, cooling and accessibility issues were corrected. An acoustical study was completed which recommended removing the existing ceiling to increase the volume, reconfiguring selected walls, installing sound baffles and a new sound system with state of the art sound equipment. New theater lighting and a new control booth were provided. The balcony was made handicap accessible and new seating was installed. The main entry corridor was improved with new wall finishes and a new curved ceiling. Both the auditorium and the main gymnasium open onto this corridor; new display cases for school athletic trophies were provided as well as new accessible rest rooms. We worked with the Science faculty and remodeled all science rooms to accommodate 21st century curriculums.