American Linen Supply

Renovation of National Office / Minneapolis, MN

Total renovation of a 43,000 square foot office building. Originally built in the 1920’s with retail shops on the first floor and offices on the second floor, the client needed to expand from their second floor location and occupy the entire building. Various alternative designs were studied to modify the exterior of to allow for office occupancy yet maintain the historical character of the building. Where openings are being reduced in size, new stone is used to match the existing stone. New windows are designed with mullions and other details to reflect the original building design. Existing bronze trim is to be repaired and cleaned. The building is to receive all new interior finishes as well as including partitions, doors, stairs, elevators, floor and wall coverings, ceiling finishes, mechanical and electrical systems.


A new site plan was developed to redesign parking, provide landscaping and provide an attractive second entry to the building. Trees, shrubs and flowers are added which will soften an otherwise hard-surfaced urban site.